Laundry is a dirty business…

Washing machines and dryers churn through huge quantities of energy and clean drinking water. One standard machine uses approximately 40-45 gallons of water per load. If you multiply the hundreds of loads a commercial laundry does in a day by the tens of thousands of laundries scattered throughout New York City you can quickly see the kind of impact we are talking about.

So what is The Eco Laundry Company in NYC doing about it?
From the ground up, every part of our business goes through an environmental checklist to make sure we are doing the very best we can to reduce our impact. We work with LEED certified Architects to help us build out our eco-friendly laundromat locations. We use recycled materials where possible throughout the process, even our floors are organic!

We made laundry bags from recycled and salvaged materials, which we give as gifts to our clients to use and reuse. This allows us to reduce our usage of plastic dramatically. The small amount of plastic that we do use is one hundred per cent certified biodegradable. Our machines are the latest on the market and the lowest in the consumption of both water and energy.

Our Dry Cleaning process is new generation and one hundred per cent organic. We use repurposed containers in the store to house our soaps and softeners, which are one hundred per cent biodegradable, non toxic and phosphate free. Our promotional material is always printed on recycled paper.

Our laundry company in NYC uses cold water wherever possible and we dry on low heat, consuming less energy and also helping to avoid any shrinking mishaps. In short, we do everything possible at store level to be kind to the environment, but for us that’s nowhere near enough….

Water preservation has been a tricky issue for us to solve, what we would really love to do (and will someday) is recycle the water we use within the store and reuse it but unfortunately this requires space and technology that we simply don’t have access to. So in the meantime, we would like to introduce you to The Water Hippo!! He is an ingenious little fellow from the United Kingdom, that we are giving away to our clients. You just need to pop him in your toilet cistern and he will go to work saving literally thousands of gallons of water a year. If each of our clients puts one hippo in each toilet in their homes we will have made a great step towards offsetting the water consumption from washing your clothes. Its as simple as that! To learn more about your Water Hippo including step by step instructions on how to put him to work in your home.

In 2010, after launching our first laundry company in Buenos Aires, we started The Eco Laundry Company environmental initiative which works toward offsetting the other little monster in our industry; Carbon. The Eco Laundry Company supports WeForest which is an international non-profit organization working towards sustainably replanting 20 million km² of the forest by 2020.

The Eco Laundry Company is dedicated to giving back to the community and environment. “We’re a proud member of 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. We’re also the first in our industry to become a certified B Corporation, meaning we’re one of a handful of global businesses that has taken a vow to affect social and environmental change.

Charities We Support:

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